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What is Porterbrook St. Louis?

Porterbrook Learning helps ordinary Christians learn how to serve Jesus and his people better — whether they are church leaders, church planters, or simply Christians wanting to become more mission-focused. The Porterbrook Learning material is flexible and has been designed to be integrated with your whole Christian life in whatever context you are serving. It’s not theology for theology’s sake: the Porterbrook Learning material is written by practitioners for practitioners.

Our philosophy

Porterbrook was brought to the St. Louis area because we believe that Missional Theology is the foundation for a kingdom advancing movement.  A movement that is Gospel Centered, Jesus driven and focused on developing leaders in the Church.

Our approach

Porterbrook works on two concurrent levels.  The first level is attending the four conferences that happen throughout the year.  Each conference has a main speaker and breakout sessions where each individual study group teaches.  The second level is the individual study groups that are formed to spend time in fellowship, learning and prayer.

Schedule for 2015 – 2016

Sept 12Stressing Less and Living More — Josh Reich
Dec. 12 — Worship — TBA
Mar. 12 —  Gospel Culture — TBA
June 4 — Spirit-filled Living — TBA


After September 7 you will have to wait until the next year to enroll.  You can enroll the day of September 7. 


Porterbrook will cost $512 per year for seminary education.

Breakdown of the cost:

$200 goes to Porterbrook STL to cover the costs of putting out the conferences and administration for the entire learning site.

$312 to Porterbrook to cover the cost of materials and curriculum development.

If you sign up for year 2, and 5 referrals sign up for year 1, we waive your Porterbrook STL fee for the year. Be thinking about folks who can benefit from the course. 3 referrals get you $100 off. This does not affect the Porterbrook Network fees.


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